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Funny Stores from Tech Support

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All the more evident, interesting tech support stories from the IT help work area

A great many people have confidence in the insight of humankind, yet in the event that you read our article including 16 of the most amusing help work area tickets as told by IT masters, or these other genuine help work area accidents, your trust in mankind may have wavered a bit.

Shockingly for the IT professionals who need to fix computer issues, there’s apparently no closure to human blunder when utilizing tech.But luckily for everybody perusing this post, a considerable lot of these accounts are unadulterated satire gold.

It would be ideal if you appreciate these totally evident amusing help work area stories from the Community… and be happy you aren’t the one working them!

I had a client come up to me and inquire as to why their computer would not turn on. I head toward the work area and notice a pool of water so I quickly unplug the computer and lift it up. Water came spilling out of the side vents so the client says “gracious ya I spilled water around my work area, could that be the issue?”

Individual entering data on a floppy circle was informed that she needed to make a duplicate toward the finish of consistently to give a reinforcement. Around a half year later, the circle wound up degenerate; so the technician inquired as to whether she had the duplicates. She opened a file organizer cabinet and hauled out a heap of paper; on each sheet was a photocopy of the plate.

I was strolling through an office one day and a client said to me, “Finally! It’s taken you long enough. I squeezed F1 (help catch) more than 2 hours prior!”

I got a call about a screen not working. When experiencing the standard investigating steps, client said there were no lights, he couldn’t discover the power catch, and so on, and so on. At that point I ask, “Is there really a screen on the work area”, and answer was “no.” Someone had moved it.

Some time ago I had a client get an email that our enemy of infection programming speedily isolated.

The client was berserk, “I should have that email!” I stated, “I’m grieved, it has an infection. You’ll need to contact the person who sent it, have him clean his computer of infections, and resend.” He answered, “Wouldn’t you be able to simply mood killer hostile to infection long enough for me to get this email?”

I had a person griping that his computer had been hacked (obviously every time anything bizarre ever turns out badly, it’s been “hacked”) in light of the fact that at whatever point he booted the computer, opened a program, shut a program, whatever, the whole signature melody to Reading Rainbow would play. The computer hadn’t been hacked, he had quite recently left it unattended and somebody dropped by and set each and every Windows sound to play the entire tune. I changed the topic and was finished. Exercise adapted: never leave a computer unattended on the grounds that there are cheats out there!

One of my preferred rehashing solicitations is, “I can’t recall my email secret word. Kindly email me another secret phrase.”

Somebody was griping his PC wasn’t working in any way. Subsequent to experiencing the entire “have you checked links and is it connected and so forth” he made them think he required another power supply or something. At that point I heard somebody out of sight say, “I wonder to what extent the power blackout will be this time.”

Client calls saying mouse “isn’t working.” No issue says me…

I snatched a freshie and headed over. Upon landing, client says, “And there’s that irritating red light sparkling in my eyes as well!” I turned the mouse right-side-up and strolled rapidly out of earshot, expeditiously losing it with giggling!!!

I had a client returned from a multi week excursion who announced that “everything is extraordinary”. She couldn’t generally clarify what was extraordinary however. Her computer had been off the entire time and nothing had changed by any stretch of the imagination. She’s a Mac client at home and I speculated the reason “everything is unique” was on the grounds that she didn’t take a gander at a Windows machine for about fourteen days.

One day a client calls since her computer wouldn’t control on. Alright, so I take the outing upstairs and sure enough no capacity to the CPU or screen. I pursue the power lines to an electrical extension, yet I couldn’t see the power switch. A head of lettuce in a basic food item sack had tumbled from her work area onto the turn and turned it off. Despite everything we giggle about the ‘Passing by Vegetable’ ticket…

“I had a client at my last occupation, who when it came time to reboot her computer would slither under her work area, unplug each and every link, plug in each and every link, and return up and disclose to me she rebooted. Shockingly better when I had her log off and sign on she did likewise.”

Call from client: “my PC is shouting at me.” Found out the computer was blaring on the grounds that the console plate was holding a few catches down.

I got a ticket expressing “client is mentioning to be changed back to Google from Chrome”

Ticket #144: “myspacebarwillnotwork” – Description: “iwouldreallylikesomespacessoicanwork!”

  • It’s a major issue when clients begin confusing a container of WD-40 with canned air… that console was never the equivalent. “It’s sooo slick!?” *facepalm*
  • We trust you making the most of our amusing help work area stories. We realize that life can get harsh in IT despite so much client mistake, yet in any event you’ve built up an incredible comical inclination to manage it.. isn’t that so?
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