Cellphones Designed for Seniors

Eyesight and dexterity begin to fail as people age. It is something that sneaks up on everyone eventually and is unavoidable. Of course, there are ways to delay the issue for a period of time but eventually, everyone discovers they struggle a little more than they did when they were younger. The problem is manageable for most with reading glasses or a little extra time. It does not really become a daily frustration until someone wants to use electronic devices, particularly mobile phones.

The sensitivity of many smartphone screens coupled with small fonts and buttons make many seniors hesitant to purchase or use the devices. Purchasing a phone for safety reasons is unrealistic when the user is unable to control the device properly even when relaxed. This is unfortunate because it does prevent many from having the convenience of a cellphone and the security of knowing their loved ones are only a phone call away.

Many seniors are now discovering the benefits of cell phones with big buttons. The phones work like any other cell phone but have been adapted to meet the needs of older users or anyone with vision, hearing or dexterity issues. The buttons are larger, the screen is easy to read and the volume is enhanced as well. The phones are as reliable and affordable as any other cellphones on the market. They are not usually offered as an option with major cell phone plans and need to be purchased from smaller companies that have designed the phones and calling plans to meet the needs of seniors.

It is not true that seniors do not want to be connected to the world or make use of advanced technology. Over 77 percent of people over the age of 65 use cell phones and almost 60 percent use the Internet regularly. If an older friend or family member refuses to get a cellphone despite frequent encouragement from their family, it could be due to a usage concern. Consider the purchase of a senior-specific phone and calling plan that is designed for their use. It will bolster their confidence and let them and their families know they have the convenience and security they need.

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