Finding Parallels Between Flooring and Life

The Upsides of Wood Flooring As Compared To Other Types of Floors

It is certainly true that the majority of home owners and construction experts shy away from wooden floors because of its high initial installation costs unlike carpets and linoleum. However, wooden floors have proved to be cheaper in the long run and also have other great benefits that carpet floors lack.

It is worth acknowledging that one big advantage of wooden floors is their durability and resistance to wear and tear unlike carpets which require replacements after every couple of years due to stubborn stains and gaping holes. Fortunately enough, wooden floors require little maintenance and can actually improve in looks as the years roll on.

It is absolutely important to note that wooden floors are, without doubt, easier to clean than carpet floors because all they need is a simple brush, a light mop and they are back to looking new again. There are no more worries about the rain or mud or milk spilling on the floor because you know a simple swipe is all the floor needs unlike carpet owners who have to be cautious not to make the carpet dirty lest they spend the whole day scrubbing away.
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One thing to take note of is with ease in cleaning comes hygiene hence making wooden floors the way to a healthier lifestyle. As a result, with a wooden floor you can forget about hidden dust, trapped hairs, dust mites, fleas and other allergen triggers that call carpets home. One fascinating thought is that you’d certainly end up spending less and have fewer visits to the hospital not forgetting all the discomfort that you’d not have to endure. It is impeccable to emphasize that wooden floors appeal most to pet lovers because cats and dogs are especially destructive to carpets and increase the hours and money put into carpet maintenance.
Finding Parallels Between Flooring and Life

Furthermore, wooden floors are also not only hygienic but they also possess a rich fragrance that is both pleasant and inviting unlike carpet floors which trap bad odours from pets and split liquids hence requiring an air freshener-an added expense. It is quite agreeable that nothing beats the aroma of a well polished wooden floor. It would be pleasantly surprising to note that wooden floors are certainly cheaper than carpets because buying and maintaining a new carpet every 5 years is certainly more expensive than having a wooden floor that would take 20 or so years to wear out.

Perhaps the most appealing advantage of wooden floors is its timelessness. You can always be assured that wood will always be in fashion for decades and decades to come unlike carpets and tiled floors that will send you to the store once a new pattern or design comes out.

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