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Some Guidelines for Your Home Additions

There could come a time when you want a bigger space in your home, and an option for this is to have home additions without you buying a new and bigger home or selling your house to replace a bigger one. There are different kinds of home additions and we will describe here briefly these kinds.

One type of home addition is called two story extensions. To enlarge a home, a two story exentsion can be done for as long as the structure of the house has enough height and extra length or width can be used. You can build a two story extension on any side of the house, and depending on the need of the occupants, the size of the extension will determine the number of rooms.

The next kind of home addition is the second story extension. For homes with one level, and wherein homeowners would plan to add a second story of their home, their option is the second story extension type of home addition. In this case, the entire roof is removed from the house, then the second story extension is added on, then the roofing installation will follow, together with the repair of HVAC, air, electrical and other matters related to the extension of the place. The rooms for a home addition using the second story extension would depend on the what the homeowners like and the original structure of the house.
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One type of home additions is termed as in-law additions. This type of home additions is also built on any side of the home, and usually would include a kitchenette, a living room, master bedroom, closets and bathroom. This kind of home additions is generally meant to double the size of the house so that additional occupants will be accommodated, thus you can see that the additions involve more than one room.
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And there is another kind of home addition called the kitchen extension addition. If you find that your kitchen is too small, you can add around 200 square feet to your kitchen, also like adding an exterior wall of the present home to function as a new room. These extensions will be matched to the present home, and your kitchen extension addition will be built on these exterior walls.

The bedroom addition is another kind of home additions. With this home extension, the bedroom addition will be built onto an exterior wall based on the liking of the owner with a crawl space foundation. In this case, roofing and siding will of course be matched also to the present house.

Another type of home additions is the bathroom additions. Both roofing and siding will be again matched to the current house, and the bathroom addition will be constructed based on the exterior wall of the homeowner’s liking, using a crawl space foundation.

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